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In 2018 we are continuing our transition to a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) school. The fact is that access to technology and the Internet is essential for students today both at home and at school.  When parents purchase a device it means that a student can use it all day at school and then continue with it at home for homework and projects.  Numerous studies have been conducted both in Australia and around the world that demonstrate better outcomes when this happens.  Coombabah is committed to providing computer facilities to support various subjects, but unfortunately no school is in a position to finance a laptop for every student to take home.  Parent contribution is essential to achieve a digitally rich 1:1 environment and provide 21st Century learning for students.

Because students in the junior school have different needs to those in the senior school, we have tailored our program to suit. 

BYOX in Years 7 – 9

Detailed information is available in our BYOD Junior Handbook.

The school's plan is to recommend tablets in Years 7 - 9 but encourage laptops as the preferred device for Years 10 - 12.  Our feeling is that tablets are more suitable in the junior school for many reasons such as portability and ease of use.  Some parents may make the decision to purchase a laptop for students in Years 7 - 9.  That is fine and we support that decision.  Laptops are perfectly suitable for learning in the junior school where the chief consideration is access to the Internet.

A number of documents have been created to help you participate next year in this program.  The Handbook contains a range of information including a guide to suitablle devices.

In 2019 Coombabah State High School will have BYOD classes in Years 7 - 9.  Every student enrolled in these classes will have a suitable personal device with a clear commitment that it is bought to school each day ready to be used for learning.

Please note that students enrolling in either ARC or Sports Academy classes do not need to complete the nomination form.  These classes are automatically BYOD.

Parents are also expected to pay the usual Parent Contribution fee for students in Years 7 - 9 which is $230.  This is essential to help offset the very significant costs associated with providing a 21st Century learning environment, including access to fast and reliable wireless internet.  

Please note that arrangements can be made for families if school fees create a financial burden, especially if more than one student is enrolled.  To discuss your options, please contact our Business Manager Mr Jim Kenny on 55523810.

The nomination form for BYOD is available here.  It can be downloaded and emailed in or returned to the school office.

All students are required to have signed the school's Technology Agreement.  This comprises both the Responsible Use of Technology and the Third Party Website Consent Form.  Further information about the school's use of Third Party Websites can be found on our dedicated page.


Reading and literacy have the highest priority at our school, so to encourage this we have established an entire library of electronic books to complement our print collection.  These books have been carefully selected by our library staff and include many award winners and "best of" titles.  The OverDrive Guide for Students is available with complete instructions for reading books on your tablet.
Our school has also subscribed to the SRA reading program.  This is a comprehensive program that all students in the junior school participate in on a weekly basis.  It also enable teachers to track the reading progress that students make. 

Internet Safety

The school has a strong commitment to the safety of our students and is mindful of the particular challenge presented by young people using technology.  All students at Coombabah State High School are required to sign the Technology Agreement which sets out what it means to be a responsible user of technology at our school. It also contains valuable advice for parents to help them support their children using technology safely.
We recognize that parents have a vital role to play in this area.  Two documents are available which we recommend that parents read.  The first is Education Queensland's Cyberbullying and Cybersafety Guide which provides advice to parents to help them deal with this sensitive topic.
We also have available How to set student safe restrictions on an iPad.  It is a clear expectation that devices brought to school are to support school work and are not for entertainment.  Parents wishing to support this message might consider locking down their student's iPad and restricting how it can be used using these simple instructions.
For parents seeking to learn more about Internet safety there are a number of websites from the Australian Federal Government we strongly recommend:
If you have any further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school. 

BYOX in Years 10 – 12

Detailed information is available in our BYOD Senior Handbook.

Students in the senior school have more diverse needs than younger students.  Depending upon their subject choices they might need access to a range of specialist software.  We recognize this and accept that a range of devices will be suitable including laptops with higher specifications.  The intention of the school is to maintain some computer facilities, particularly to support those subjects that require access to technology as part of the curriculum.
A number of documents have been created to help you choose your option for 2018.  The handbook contains a range of information, including a guide to suitable devices.
All students will be required to sign and have school fees paid before being connected. 
All students are also required to have signed the school's Technology Agreement.  This comprises both the Responsible Use of Technology and the Third Party Website consebt form.  Further information about the school's use of Third Party Websites can be found on our dedicated page.  

Purchasing Devices

As an Education Queensland school we are prohibited from recommending any one retailer but HP is prepared to offer parents devices which suit our school's needs.  Please note that these devices also come with accidental damage protection (ADP).  The HP Portal has a range of devices suitable both for the junior and senior school.  
There are a number of local retailers who can provide suitable devices and helpful advice.  When speaking to salespeople, please be very mindful of the advice offered in either the BYOD Junior Handbook or the BYOD Senior Handbook.  Please pay particular attention to the advice on warranties. 


There are two software packages that students have access to for free.

Microsoft Office

All state school students from Prep to Year 12 can now download multiple free copies of the Microsoft Office 2016 Suite to their personal home and mobile computer equipment.
Students who want the free software will need an active Managed Internet Service (MIS) login, school email account and password.  Please note that the initial login page requires a MIS email address and password.
The following guides are available to take you through the process of installing Office for either Mac or PC:

Adobe CC

Students have access to Adobe’s Design and Web Suite which includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Acrobat, Flash and InDesign.
This offer is for BYOX devices.  Students can download the files from the school's network and bring their laptop to the Library to have it activitated.  The software is available for both Windows and Mac.
Please note that we have a limited number of licences available for the Adobe Master Collection.  This suite includes Premiere and After Effects which are required by students who take the subject Film and Television.  There is a cost of $20 applied to this premium suite. 


 It is a requirement that an antivirus product is installed on BYOD laptops.  This is the case for both Windows and Mac.  There is a perception that Mac computers do not require an antivirus, but security experts commonly agree that one should be installed.
Education Queensland has strict antivirus software on its networks and it is extremely unlikely that a BYO device will be infected through connecting at school.
A range of both free and paid antivirus products exist.  Some free products such as AVG and Avast are highly rated and provide a satisfactory level of protection with the option of paying for added features.
The latest advice we have is that there have been connection issues with the following:
1.       Any HP Pavilion models that come with McAfee, none have seemed to work.
2.       Trend Micro (particularly it’s Firewall)
3.       Kaspersky for MAC (Windows versions seems to be fine though)
Please avoid these if possible.

Norton by Symantec

Symantec offers the Norton anti-virus product to state school students at a subsidized rate.  Students have the option of choosing either 12 months protection for $9.99 or three years for $29.99.  The antivirus is available for Windows, Mac, iOS (iPads) and Android.
To access it, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the page
  2. You will be redirected to a page that says Access Denied
  3. Select Student
  4. Log in with MIS username/password
  5. Select either Middle or Senior phase
  6. Click on the link that says "Exclusive security offer"
  7. Follow the directions as stated