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The Arts

Welcome to the Arts Department at Coombabah State High School. In our department, Art encompasses the study of Drama, Music, Dance, Film and TV, Visual Arts and Digital Imaging. The Arts department offers a selection of subjects that cater for a wide range of student interest and ability. Students will find the subjects challenging and interesting. In the practical subjects, students are exposed to intellectual challenges in the form of designing and researching and skills are developed using a wide range of media and techniques. Year 10 Foundation Art, and Senior OP Art program, offer strong, connected and flexible learning in contemporary Art with specialist studies in Photography, Printmaking, Painting, Sculpture, and Digital Imaging. In the school-based Creative Arts subjects or “SAS”, we offer a number of two-year programs dedicated to authentic and connected Arts learning. Students also learn about work as they mirror, in a broad sense, workplace practices such as working cooperatively in teams and responding to design briefs. 
Year 7 and 8
·         Performing Arts
·         Performing Excellence
·         Visual Arts
Year 9 and 10
·         Drama
Drama is an excellent pathway to a number of professions including law, teaching, acting, theatre production and many more. It is particularly important in building students’ self-confidence and learning to work the body and the mind at the same time. Through education in drama, students develop creative talents, competencies and skills that can be transferred to their working and recreational lives. Drama provides students with opportunities to identify, value and extend their academic, personal and social capabilities by offering multiple pathways to learning.
·         Dance
Activities and assessment will include a variety of learning experiences selected to instil an understanding of Dance. Genres undertaken will be Modern, Hip Hop, Social, Popular and Film clips. Safe dance practices are a requirement throughout all units. Students will participate in public dance performances at school, in concerts, eisteddfods and festivals within the community.
·         Music
As with all Music strands the course involves performing, composing, analysing and reflecting. Students will need well developed written communication skills.
The course naturally equips students for study of Music in the senior school and further to tertiary studies and successful involvement in professional, community music and a lifelong love of music making.
·         Practical Art
The practical art course caters for students who have an interest in Visual Art but have difficulty with advanced written language studies. Students studying practical art in Year 9 (one semester) and Year 10 (two semesters) will engage in a wide variety of activities. Areas of study may include drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture and designing. Students will also develop an awareness of artists from Australia and other cultures and times.
·         Photography and Media
This subject has been designed to introduce students to digital photography/ digital manipulation techniques using computers and other technology. Within the Year 9 (one semester) and Year 10 (two semesters) course, students will be engaged in a range of tasks that respond to design challenges and expose students to a range of techniques and equipment.
·         Advanced Art
Art Extension is a course that is designed to cater for students who have a passion for Visual Art. The course has both practical and written tasks (art appreciation) embedded in it. Students will develop a strong understanding of Artists, both past and present. They will study the subject for two semesters in Year 9 and two semesters in Year 10.
·         Media Studies
Media studies is to make students more ‘media literate’ and ‘media skilled’. Students will learn the process of planning and producing media products, as well as gaining an understanding of the media’s role in our society.
Year 11 and 12 
·         Visual Art
·         Music
·         Film and Television
·         Drama
·         Dance
Subject Area Specification
·         Dance in Practice
·         Media Arts in Practice
·         Visual Arts in Practice
·     Arts in Practice (Media)