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Uniform policy

Our School community fully supports the wearing of school uniform. The uniform is endorsed by the school’s Parents and Citizens Association and through State Legislation (EGPA 2006).
A smart school uniform helps in achieving the School’s identity, cohesion, tone, pride and spirit. Wearing of a school uniform is also an important safety measure.
l  Shoes are to be BLACK leather or leather substitute (and if lace, these must also be black), fully enclosed and of low cut design (not boot). They may only be used for physical activity if appropriate for such use.
l  Plain white socks are worn with both day and sports uniform and are to be clearly seen (a minimum of 3 cm visible above the back of the shoe). A crew sock is most suitable to meet this requirement.
l  Any t-shirts/singlets worn underneath the school shirt/blouse must be plain white in colour without any visible pictures or logos. Sleeves and hemlines should not be visible.
l  Shirt/blouse sleeves must not be rolled up.
l  The skirt is designed to be worn so that the hem is to the top of the kneecap.
l  Winter options are the School black pullover and/or tracksuit pants and/or the School jacket. No other tops are permissible.
l  Hats/caps without offensive logos/slogans are the only type permitted.
l  Full sports uniform may be worn when a student has a practical Physical Education class. Mixing day and sport uniforms is NOT permitted.
l  Year 7 – 9.  The sports uniform must be worn on days the student has a practical lesson in HPE, or when competing on a sport cluster day.  Students may also wear sport uniform on days they have HPE theory. Students with no HPE theory will allocated a formal uniform day.
l  Year 10 – 12. The sports uniform is only to be worn on days the student has a practical lesson in dance or HPE, or when competing on a sport cluster day. Students with no HPE theory will allocated a formal uniform day.
l  Sport shoes are to be worn with the sport uniform.
l  Canvas shoes are not to be worn with the sport uniform.
l  Sport shoes may be any colour.
l  Students wearing unsuitable shoes for a practical activity would not be permitted to participate due to WH&S requirements (refer to section 5)
l  Students wearing sport uniform on the incorrect day should have a parental note.
l  ‘Rugger’ style shorts are NOT permitted.
l  Students, who on religious grounds wear additional body covering, must ensure that it is in plain black, white, navy blue or grey.
l  Belts if worn are to be black with a plain buckle.
l  Hair must be clean, neat and a natural hair colour. Styles should be appropriate to school, ie NOT designed to attract undue attention due to their unusual nature. Long hair should be tied back for practical subjects. Hairstyles that are not acceptable include (but not limited to obvious streaks, highlights and blending of colours, mohawks, shaved sections, and razor patterns)
l  Make-up must be subtle and in natural skin tones. Students will be asked to remove excessive make-up.
l  Clear or natural French Polish only is permitted for nails (natural, acrylic or gel).
l  Students are permitted to wear a watch, a fine ring, a maximum of two pairs of studs or sleepers, and a fine gold or silver chain. It is allowable to wear a pendant of significant personal or religious significance, however the item must be worn below the blouse or shirt neckline.
l  Facial piercings are not permitted (these must be removed).
A.    If the correct uniform cannot be worn on a particular day a parental note must be provided to your form teacher explaining the reason.
B.    The Education Act permits schools to issue a detention for each instance a student is not in uniform without a valid reason.
C.    Non-acceptable clothing will remain in the Uniform shop until the borrowed uniform is laundered and returned.
D.    If due to unforeseen circumstances, a student is unable to wear the correct
uniform for a prolonged period of time, the Year Level Dean must be contacted for alternative arrangements.
E.    Students whose appearance is unacceptable to the Administration will be required to rectify the issue immediately or participate in an alternative program of study until the issue is resolved.