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Student Services and Support Programs

This part of the website has links to the people at the school who are available to support students and parents. Our team approach ensures the needs of students are catered for by the most appropriate person.  

The Year Level Dean is usually the first point of contact for students and parents.  
The Student Support Team work from the Student Support Centre which is located on the oval side of the library.  
 Guidance Counsellor:   Mrs Glenda Musgrave (Monday - Friday) 
 School Based Youth Health Nurse:   Pam Day (Monday -Tuesday)
 Industry Liaison Officer:   Ms Louise Peters (Monday - Thursday)
 Youth Support Coordinator:   Mandy Pickett (Monday - Friday) 
 The Chaplain:  Dynene Love - Mailei (Tuesday & Thursday)  
Face to face appointments with the support staff can be made at the Student Support Centre before school or during breaks. 
Frequently Asked Questions​ 

Can I bring a friend?  

Often it is easier to bring a friend for your first visit. We don't mind however, it is often more useful for you if we follow up your first visit with one on your own.  

Do teachers have to know what I am seeing support people for?  

No. When you get an appointment form it does not state who you are seeing. It is an appointment to see someone in the support centre.   

How confidential are my visits to the Guidance Counsellor and the Nurse?  

We value your privacy and every effort is made to protect you. What is spoken about is between you and the Guidance Counsellor or the Nurse. However, your safety and the safety of others is our main concern and sometimes we may need to take action to ensure this. However, every effort is taken to involve you in this process and you will be told if others need to be involved.

Can I get help without going to someone at school?  

We understand that sometimes you prefer to discuss personal issues with someone outside the school. For this reason you will find a number of helpful links at the bottom of the Guidance Counsellor page. 

Are there some websites where I can get more information?  

One site we recommend is Safe Schools Hub​.  Here you will find resources and links to other websites to help you support your child at school.