Information Technology at CSHS


In 2021 students are required to bring a Windows 10 laptop, MacBook or iPad to school every day for learning.

Parents have two options to supply their child with a device for school, participate in the One2One Program or to be part of the BYOx Program.


Option 1 - One2One Program

Parents pay a fee to the school to purchase a new school laptop outright or sign up to hire a new laptop from the school for three years.  The One2One program takes the worry away from parents in supplying their child's IT needs as the device is designed for school, under a comprehensive warranty for three years and is insured against accidental damage.

If you wish to know more about the CSHS One2One Program please contact the school on

1. Outright purchase to keep (includes Accidental Protection Insurance): $990 (including GST)


2. Rent and keep the device at the end of the program:

- Year 1: $500 (prior to getting the device)

- Year 2: $250

- Year 3: $240

Total cost - $990


3. Rent and return

- Year 1: $500 (prior to getting the device)

- Year 2: $250

- Year 3: $140

Total cost - $890


Option 2 – BYOx Program

Parents supply their child with their own Windows 10 laptop, a Mac Book or iPad to use at school every day.  If selecting this option please make sure the device has a protective case and in the case of an iPad has a keyboard.  It is expected the device will be used solely for that child, be primarily used for school and be in good condition. Students are expected to make sure the device is charged every night ready for the school day.

In order to connect a BYO device to the school network it will need to be configured. We ask that you complete this on your child's device before the device comes to school.  Instructions on how to do this for your child's particular model of device are on the videos listed below:

Note: It is best to play and pause the video on anotehr device while updating your child's device for school.

BYO iPad:

BYO Mac:

BYO Windows 10: 

Either option mentioned above will enable your child to participate in the digital components of the curriculum and greatly assist your child in the day-to-day organisation of being a high school student. We thank you for your support.

If you have concerns or queries or wish to find out more about the One2One Program please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Last reviewed 30 November 2020
Last updated 30 November 2020